Playfull colored masterpiece
  • Playfull colored masterpiece

IV Elementa


4 elements

2meters on 1,5meter

Playfull colored masterpiece by Joeri Hapers, in the painting you can see all the 4 elements:

Air: Thoughts

Fire: Passion

Water: Emotions

Earth: Ourselves


This painting arised in the moment. I call it IV Elementa/4 elements because you can see the colors of the 4 elements in it.

Air (blue, upper right): Thoughts / Fire (red, Upper left): Passion / Water ( blue, Bottom left): Emotions / Earth (yellow, Bottom right): Ourselves.

While making this painting I was injured right before a competition I could not compete. I had to get all my energy out on the painting and it was going to be a big one. This 2 meter painting represents the feelings and emotions I had at that moment. In the background of my painting and also in the back my thoughts, there is still passion (red), hopefull thoughts (blue), and a realistic, down to earth feeling (yellow). These are my background colors representing my thoughts and emotions.

The bottom colors: yellow and blue, are overshadowed by a black layer, representing the challenges I am going through right now.

The upper colors: red and blue, are enlightened by a white layer, representing the hope and positivity that still remains in my passion (red) and thoughts (blue).

The painting is finished off with splashes of Black, White & Red that represents duality (black & white/ good & bad) and passion (red/fire).

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