Who Am I?

My name is Joeri and I'm a Belgian artist based in the Netherlands (Rotterdam). I am a professional squash athlete and besides sports, I paint.

Artistic profile:

I am not a man of many words but a man of many actions. Coming from a professional sport background, I find myself using the same mental abilities in painting that I have developed in sports.

I let myself start in a blank slate. Through this, my ideas grow organic.

My artistic style is to paint without any preconceived idea of what is to be created. I paint purely based on my intuition and searching for the flow in the moment.

I'm in this moment, I am in the now and I'm painting without thinking.

I paint by blocking my minds logical thinking, I make use of past pleasures and struggles in my advantage instead of letting those use me.

This process of painting is what I enjoy the most and I believe is the way to my goal. Throughout the whole pandemic, I kept myself goal centered and meditated. What came out of this particular process are my paintings.

The most important charactaristics of my painting process are:

1. The act and the perception of things are melting together in an continiously concentration on the task.

2. The attention is exclusivly task-oriented, the result is not important in the moment. I am so aware of my tasks that I will lose myself into it.

3. My skills match the requirement of the environment

4. A keen awareness of outside stimuli and adequate responses.

Being in the reality, in the now and in the moment is crucial to me because success and past achievements are not permanent. In the long-term all these will fade and leave us empty. What stays in the reality is just me, Joeri, with my pencil, paint and canvas.